Cycling Package

When thinking about cycling in France, images of the tour de France could pop up in mind. Steep meandering roads that lead the cyclist up and down while toiling away in the blazing sun. But don’t worry; cycling in Burgundy is nothing like that at all. The hilly landscape of Burgundy is perfect for cycling. It offers a lot of possibilities so that, regardless if you are a well trained cyclist or an amateur, there are plenty of options. Since it’s not possible to capture the beauty of the Burgundy hills in one day we offer a cycling package of four nights.

This consists of:

  • Day one. Arrival at the hotel, depending on the time of arrival it’s possible to start with a small round to explore the neighborhood.
  • Day two. Augustodunum. This was in the Roman time the name of Autun. This route starting in front of the hotel leads to the “Porte d’Arroux”, the old city gate. The city has a lot to offer, such as a beautiful cathedral, lots of cafés and a lake where you can enjoy a picnic.
  • Day three. The French countryside. This day you will make a bike ride through sleepy French villages. It will lead you through the hills passing five castles, of which one is open for visitations. The route also leads to a small monastery of the nuns of Bethlehem, hidden in the woods. For this tour we will give you a lunch box and if you bring a thermos we will fill it with coffee or hot water.
  • Day four. Vineyard route. Today we have bikes ready for you in Beaune from where a tour of approximately 26 km will lead you through the vineyards of Côte de Beaune. As a lunch we have arranged a combined lunch and wine tasting on a domain. You will enjoy a lovely meal in combination with beautiful Burgundy wines.

Included in this package are: a welcome drink, bikes, 4 overnight stays, 4 breakfast buffets, 4 three-course menus, a wine bike ride with lunch, 1 lunch box and the use of routes and maps.

◊The price is €354 per person.


Our cycling package can be customized to your needs. Think about: shorter or longer – other routes – different order – full board (so every day a packed lunch) etc. We’d love to hear what your needs are!

Our packages can start on a day of your choice.
The prices of our packages are based on two people per room.

Please contact us if you would like to change anything about the program, because potential changes have to be made in time