In Burgundy you still find many traces of its rich past, from the time of the Romans and even the Celts. The Zenith of Burgundy was in the middle ages when its Dukedom even encompassed The Netherlands and Cluny was a major religious centre in Europe. There is just too much to mention but we have lots of information books availible for your reading.

Some suggestions for a trip are:

  • castle of Sully or Rochepot
  • the city of Autun with its Gallo-Roman remains and city gates, the cathedral and the surrounding streets
  • the city of Beaune is famous because of the wine, but it also has a nice center. The famous Hospice de Beaune is absolutely worth visiting!
  • a visit of one of the many markets in the neighbourhood
  • the historical interesting centre of Dijon
  • a visit of an antique market